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This section provides a variety of useful information about gas welding, cutting and brazing that can be interesting to our customers and partners.

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Carbon dioxide pressure regulator, type URP-DM PDF Print
Monday, 17 March 2014 15:26
         It is used for the regulation and automatic keeping of the set working pressure of carbon dioxide as a constant one during foodstuff saturation.


Since the beginning of 2014 pressure regulators URP-DM have been produced with modernized reducing and safety valves.

URP-4-2DM (8) * (with a valve)
SKU 030.000.03

 sxema  The pressure regulator with new reducing and safety valves differs:

- less increasing of pressure while gas feeding termination (exact control)

- less changing of working pressure while inlet pressure decreasing

- stability of the safety valve operation.

Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20 PDF Print
Monday, 03 March 2014 15:44

Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20

It is used as a locking device for the cylinders of the average volume of 20-40 l with the working pressure up to 19,6 MPa (200 kgs/cm2) while filling, storage and supplying of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, argon, helium, xenon and other inert gases.

  ventil ru

SKU 942.900.011 
  • increasing of the valve thread diameter and using of special lubricant allows to increase the resource up to 30%!

  • hydraulic tests of the valve under pressure of 30 MPa;

  • stamped brass case;

  • 100% quality control;

  • spare parts supplying;

  • it is simple to be served

   Working pressure is up to 20 MPa (≈200 kgs/cm2)

    Inlet thread W27,8 GOST 9909-81

   Outlet thread G ¾ -B GOST 6357

   Valve weight - 0,5 kg

Spare parts:
Valve                                Spindle


- The thread of the valve and the spindle are greased with chemically resistant in oxygen environment lubricant with pressure to 25МPа (250 kgs/cm2)

- guaranteed 10 000 cycles of open-close.


ventil cherteg                 Spare parts to the Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20 
 1) valve  942.300.02 
 2) spindle  942.901.00
 3) thrust ring  942.902.00
 4) valve case  942.903.00
 5) nut  942.904.00
 6) handwheel laying  942.905.00
 7) handwheel  942.906.00
 8) laying  942.909.00
 9) ring 009-012-19 GOST 9833-73  344.008.00
 10) screw М4х12 GOST 1491-70
 11) washer 4.01.05 GOST 6958-68
 12) washer 4 65Г GOST 6402
 13) stub G3/4  942.907.00
 14) conic stub  942.908.00
 15) cap  942.913.00
Donmet regulators have improved reducing valve PDF Print
Monday, 13 January 2014 13:49

Donmet regulators have improved reducing valve

Since the beginning of the 2014 carbon dioxide and argon regulators: АR-40/U-30-2DМ, АR-40/U-30-4DМ, АR-40-4DМ and UR-6-4DМ are produced with improved reducing unit.

reduktor1 en
АR-40/У-30-4DM АR-40-4DM UR-6-4DM АR-40/U30-2DM (with flowmeter)

   Regulators with new improved reducing unit have the following characteristics:

• increased resistance and reliability (probability of failure is less than 0,01%)
• increased accuracy of keeping set pressure or consumption (welding without defects)
• low pressure increase while stopping gas feeding (saving 10-20% of protective gas), while welding with discontinuous seam
• durability (always ready to work)

    Reducing unit of large-size carbon dioxide and argon regulators has been produced since 2014.
reduktor2 en



QR code on the packaging of DONMET plant (video) PDF Print
Monday, 21 October 2013 13:23

We offer to watch video about QR codes which appeared on the packaging of DONMET products.

If you want to be always up to date with all the latest news, promotions, our new products and other important information published at our website "DONMET Autogenous Equipment Plant" please subscribe for e-mail newsletters. 



Вентиль баллонный кислородный ВК-20 (Видео) PDF Print
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 14:49

Вентиль баллонный кислородный ВК-20 применяется для запирания баллонов с кислородом, азотом, углекислым газом, сжатым воздухом, аргоном, гелием и другими инертными газами.

Конструкция вентиля ВК-20 ДОНМЕТ имеет ряд преимуществ:
1) отверстие для слива влаги и конденсата;
2) двойная герметизация, обеспечивающая высокую надежность;
3) непосредственный контакт шпинделя и клапана;
4) увеличенный диаметр резьбы повышает долговечность;
5) применяется кислородобезопасная смазка.

Вентиль устанавливается на баллон с газом. К нему подключается редуктор. При повороте маховичка клапан поднимается и открывает поток газа с максимальным рабочим давлением до 20 мегапаскалей. Увеличенный диаметр резьбы клапана и кислородобезопасная смазка позволяют гарантировать 10000 циклов открытия/закрытия до первого ремонта.

100% вентилей ВК-20 Донмет проходят испытание гидравлическим давлением 30 мегапаскалей, что гарантирует Вашу безопасность.



Автор ролика: Котляров Артем.


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