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This section provides a variety of useful information about gas welding, cutting and brazing that can be interesting to our customers and partners.

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Международные торги в Познани
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 13:46


poznan logo Завод автогенного оборудования ДОНМЕТ приглашает Вас посетить выставку «Международные торги в Познани», которая проходит на площадях Международной ярмарки в г. Познань, Польша..

Ждем Вас на нашем стенде №3 в павильоне №4!!!




Carbon dioxide pressure regulator, type URP-DM PDF Print
Monday, 17 March 2014 15:26
         It is used for the regulation and automatic keeping of the set working pressure of carbon dioxide as a constant one during foodstuff saturation.


Since the beginning of 2014 pressure regulators URP-DM have been produced with modernized reducing and safety valves.

URP-4-2DM (8) * (with a valve)
SKU 030.000.03

 sxema  The pressure regulator with new reducing and safety valves differs:

- less increasing of pressure while gas feeding termination (exact control)

- less changing of working pressure while inlet pressure decreasing

- stability of the safety valve operation.

Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20 PDF Print
Monday, 03 March 2014 15:44

Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20

It is used as a locking device for the cylinders of the average volume of 20-40 l with the working pressure up to 19,6 MPa (200 kgs/cm2) while filling, storage and supplying of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, argon, helium, xenon and other inert gases.

  ventil ru

SKU 942.900.011 
  • increasing of the valve thread diameter and using of special lubricant allows to increase the resource up to 30%!

  • hydraulic tests of the valve under pressure of 30 MPa;

  • stamped brass case;

  • 100% quality control;

  • spare parts supplying;

  • it is simple to be served

   Working pressure is up to 20 MPa (≈200 kgs/cm2)

    Inlet thread W27,8 GOST 9909-81

   Outlet thread G ¾ -B GOST 6357

   Valve weight - 0,5 kg

Spare parts:
Valve                                Spindle


- The thread of the valve and the spindle are greased with chemically resistant in oxygen environment lubricant with pressure to 25МPа (250 kgs/cm2)

- guaranteed 10 000 cycles of open-close.


ventil cherteg                 Spare parts to the Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20 
 1) valve  942.300.02 
 2) spindle  942.901.00
 3) thrust ring  942.902.00
 4) valve case  942.903.00
 5) nut  942.904.00
 6) handwheel laying  942.905.00
 7) handwheel  942.906.00
 8) laying  942.909.00
 9) ring 009-012-19 GOST 9833-73  344.008.00
 10) screw М4х12 GOST 1491-70
 11) washer 4.01.05 GOST 6958-68
 12) washer 4 65Г GOST 6402
 13) stub G3/4  942.907.00
 14) conic stub  942.908.00
 15) cap  942.913.00
Donmet regulators have improved reducing valve PDF Print
Monday, 13 January 2014 13:49

Donmet regulators have improved reducing valve

Since the beginning of the 2014 carbon dioxide and argon regulators: АR-40/U-30-2DМ, АR-40/U-30-4DМ, АR-40-4DМ and UR-6-4DМ are produced with improved reducing unit.

reduktor1 en
АR-40/У-30-4DM АR-40-4DM UR-6-4DM АR-40/U30-2DM (with flowmeter)

   Regulators with new improved reducing unit have the following characteristics:

• increased resistance and reliability (probability of failure is less than 0,01%)
• increased accuracy of keeping set pressure or consumption (welding without defects)
• low pressure increase while stopping gas feeding (saving 10-20% of protective gas), while welding with discontinuous seam
• durability (always ready to work)

    Reducing unit of large-size carbon dioxide and argon regulators has been produced since 2014.
reduktor2 en



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