Donmet guide - Завод автогенного оборудования ДОНМЕТ производит газосварочные горелки, газовые резаки, керосинорезы, редукторы и другое сварочное оборудование
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Donmet guide
Donmet guide
Historical background PDF Print


October the 3rd  1990 is considered to be the Birthday of plant “Donmet”. But background of autogenous equipment plant “Donmet” goes back to 1988, when the group of young enthusiasts in Kramatorsk created engineering research cooperative “Gost-88”, which also developed and manufactured  autogenous equipment, and on October the 3rd 1990 enterprise with the name “Donmet” has been established

Lukashov Aleksandr Vasilievich
the first CEO of “Donmet”
Bashenov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
chief financial officer 1990 – 1993,
now is the general director of
closed corporation  “KRASS”
Sergienko Vladimir Aleksandrovich
technical director 1990 – 1993,
from 1993 till now is the CEO
of plant “Donmet”

Lysenko Yurii Nikolaevich
chief engineer 1991 – 1995,
now is the director of public corporation
“Research institute Opitnii plant”
Chuzhinov Oleg Valerievich
chief of sales department
1992 – 1998, now is the director
of public corporation “Dneprsvarka”
Kraichuk Petr Vladimirovich
deputy operating director 1992 -1995,
now is the general director
of public corporation “Svarog”

Until 1996 the production base of “Donmet” was situated in three rented premises. During that time the plant had to move with manufacturing equipment from one premise to another. That time single specimens of unique gas-cutters were produced, based on individual orders. Having great wish, little industrial and scientific experience, the plant administration decided to raise funds for construction of modern gas-plasma equipment plant. The construction began in 1993, and in autumn 1996 all the plant equipment was moved into new installations.

Production and technical basis was practically created all over again. New lathes, including automatic machines and numerical control machines were bought. It allowed the plant to put series manufacture of gas cutters RGR-100 (forefather of legendary “100”) , and gas burners G2. Later constructors, technologists and workers developed and produced autogenous equipment which satisfied the requirements of customers according the price-quality criterion and quality was put on the first place!


“Donmet” is 15 (2005) PDF Print
“Donmet” today PDF Print

Административный корпус завода ДОНМЕТ


Today plant “Donmet” is the leading manufacturer of certified equipment for flame cutting, welding, soldering and heating of metals and other materials.

Team of the plant, which currently consists of more than 260 people constantly works at efficiency increase, safety improvement, better durability and usability of output.

Today the range of manufactured products consists of more than 100 of different items and year by year it is increased by 5-10 items. The plant production is distributed to Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Baltic States, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Rumania.

The plant provides intermediate maintenance of equipment during 2 years from implementation date.





Now “Donmet” has it’s own distribution network. The products are sold in following chain stores: “Donmet welder” in Zaporozhye, Odessa and Belgorod (Russian Federation). Plant service center is situated in Kyiv.
“Donmet” production is regularly presented in industrial and commercial domestic and international exhibitions.

Production PDF Print



  • machine assembly shop № 1;
  • machine assembly shop № 2;
  • soldering station
  • degreasing and clarification of details station
  • assembly site
  • Packing site
  • storage of finished products and materials
  • Motor Transport section
  • Equipment  service station





Mass production of more than 100 items  of flame equipment has been organized at the plant, as well as the development and production of unique gas-flame equipment by individual orders.



Precision of parts manufacturing for DONMET equipment::


  • on turning universal machines - IT8 - IT11
  • on CNC turret lathes and CNC machines - IT9 - IT11
  • on CNC machines - IT10 - IT12
  • for drilling and milling machines - IT10 - IT12



The geography of international product supply of DONMET plant PDF Print


The geography of international product supply of DONMET plant:

Our gas cutters, burners, gas regulators and other gas-flame equipment are bought, not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world.



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Innovation and quality PDF Print
Constant high quality of the gas-flame equipment, marketed under the brand name "DONMET" is largely determined by implemented in 2002, quality management system ISO 9001:2001 (certificate № UA.021.02335 of 10.04.2007), the quality management system certified by DSU UkrSEPRO ISO 9001 -2001 (Certificate № UA.02.021.433), and coordinated work of plant engineering services, such as:
•  design department, where an automated design engineering system for gas cutting and welding equipment has been implied.
laboratorija1-m Testing Research Laboratory conducts testing of new ideas and design solutions, holds testing of finished products: standard, qualification, and periodic and certification as manufactured equipment for gas cutting and welding is classified as high risk. The laboratory is accredited UkrSEPRO of flame test equipment (accreditation certificate № 2T622 on 08.11.2007).
laboratorija2-m Metrological laboratory specialists conduct verification and calibration of pressure gauges used in our reducers, flow meters and third parties (certificate of the Power number P 225-2007 from 10/22/2007).
Department of technical control provide input, interoperable, and output control in accordance with the instructions of quality management system.

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