Innovation and quality Print
Constant high quality of the gas-flame equipment, marketed under the brand name "DONMET" is largely determined by implemented in 2002, quality management system ISO 9001:2001 (certificate № UA.021.02335 of 10.04.2007), the quality management system certified by DSU UkrSEPRO ISO 9001 -2001 (Certificate № UA.02.021.433), and coordinated work of plant engineering services, such as:
•  design department, where an automated design engineering system for gas cutting and welding equipment has been implied.
laboratorija1-m Testing Research Laboratory conducts testing of new ideas and design solutions, holds testing of finished products: standard, qualification, and periodic and certification as manufactured equipment for gas cutting and welding is classified as high risk. The laboratory is accredited UkrSEPRO of flame test equipment (accreditation certificate № 2T622 on 08.11.2007).
laboratorija2-m Metrological laboratory specialists conduct verification and calibration of pressure gauges used in our reducers, flow meters and third parties (certificate of the Power number P 225-2007 from 10/22/2007).
Department of technical control provide input, interoperable, and output control in accordance with the instructions of quality management system.