Historical background Print


October the 3rd  1990 is considered to be the Birthday of plant “Donmet”. But background of autogenous equipment plant “Donmet” goes back to 1988, when the group of young enthusiasts in Kramatorsk created engineering research cooperative “Gost-88”, which also developed and manufactured  autogenous equipment, and on October the 3rd 1990 enterprise with the name “Donmet” has been established

Lukashov Aleksandr Vasilievich
the first CEO of “Donmet”
Bashenov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
chief financial officer 1990 – 1993,
now is the general director of
closed corporation  “KRASS”
Sergienko Vladimir Aleksandrovich
technical director 1990 – 1993,
from 1993 till now is the CEO
of plant “Donmet”

Lysenko Yurii Nikolaevich
chief engineer 1991 – 1995,
now is the director of public corporation
“Research institute Opitnii plant”
Chuzhinov Oleg Valerievich
chief of sales department
1992 – 1998, now is the director
of public corporation “Dneprsvarka”
Kraichuk Petr Vladimirovich
deputy operating director 1992 -1995,
now is the general director
of public corporation “Svarog”

Until 1996 the production base of “Donmet” was situated in three rented premises. During that time the plant had to move with manufacturing equipment from one premise to another. That time single specimens of unique gas-cutters were produced, based on individual orders. Having great wish, little industrial and scientific experience, the plant administration decided to raise funds for construction of modern gas-plasma equipment plant. The construction began in 1993, and in autumn 1996 all the plant equipment was moved into new installations.

Production and technical basis was practically created all over again. New lathes, including automatic machines and numerical control machines were bought. It allowed the plant to put series manufacture of gas cutters RGR-100 (forefather of legendary “100”) , and gas burners G2. Later constructors, technologists and workers developed and produced autogenous equipment which satisfied the requirements of customers according the price-quality criterion and quality was put on the first place!