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Резак газовый Р3 ДОНМЕТ 362 вентиль 9-9 (L-548mm, 120º)Machine cutting torch “DONMET” 364

Three-pipe cutting torch with in-nozzle gas mixing R3 “DONMET” 374U
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Three-pipe cutting torch with in-nozzle gas mixing R3 “DONMET” 374U

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Price per Unit (шт.): 2 290.80 грн.




Oxy-gas three-pipe cutting torch with in-nozzle gas mixing and a cutting oxygen valve. 
Used for hand oxy-gas cutting of low carbon steel up to 300mm thick, as well as for local heating of any metals or alloys. 
Facilitates an accurate high-quality cut at maximum performance.



Technical features:

- new light-weight design allows for greater performance at minimal effort
- fully soldered body and stainless steel tubes ensure cutting torch rigidity, solidity and durability
- use of silver solders allows for continuous operation in hard conditions as well as confined areas without damaging the design integrity
- universal design allows to quickly switch to another type of gas (acetylene, propane-butane, natural gas) by simply changing the nozzle
- convenient ergonomic handle allows for a firm grip on the cutting torch shank and easy operation in all spatial positions 
- cutting oxygen valve allows to feed oxygen smoothly without metal splashes and perform long cuts with minimal effort 
- increased cost-efficiency as compared to ordinary injection-type cutting torches due to nozzles’ elaborate design
- perfect balancing adjustment relative to the cutter’s hand allows to perform fine cuts and control the process easily
- comfortable positioning of the valves and their bright colouring (blue for oxygen and red for gas fuel) allows to quickly adjust the preheating flame
- exquisite design that combines the necessary functionality, reliability and safety

The cutting torch is a universal type as per used gas fuels – depending on the nozzle mounted to the head it can operate on propane-butane, methane (natural gas) and acetylene.

Safety and durability

The cutting torch design is rightfully considered to be the safest one as gas fuel and oxygen are supplied by separate tubes – first to the cutting torch head and then to the nozzles where the gases get mixed. Such design allows for safe operation of the cutting torch without the risk of internal combustion of the oxy-gas mixture inside the mixing tube that is incidental to injection-type cutting torches in emergency situations. The danger of flashbacks is minimized and severe affects are eliminated. The cutting torch tubes are made of stainless steel which prevents their oxidation and destruction, the head and the shank are made of brass which ensures high durability. Valve stems made of stainless steel ensure the valve’s operational life of no less than 45 000 “open-closed” cycles.

Compatibility and scope of delivery

The nozzle is not included in the delivery set but can be ordered separately depending on the cutting thickness. Thus, there is no need to overpay for unnecessary kitting – the users can choose the nozzles as required by the task at hand. The cutting torch is compatible with nozzles PNM / PNME and ANM / ANME. The list of nozzles produced by “DONMET” plant is given below:


Nozzles for operation on propane:
mundshtuk-374p Marking




Cutting speed,
Order №
Oxygen Propane/Methane
№ 0РМ 3-8 2,0-3,00 0,20-0,40 650-570 344.600.00
№ 1РМ 8-15 3,00-3,50 0,20-0,40 570-480 344.600.01
№ 2РМ 15-30 3,60-4,00 0,20-0,40 490-370 344.600.02
№ 3РМ 30-50 4,20-4,50 0,20-0,40 375-320 344.600.03
№ 4РМ 50-100 5,00-6,00 0,20-0,40 320-250 344.600.04
№ 5РМ 100-200 5,00-7,50 0,20-0,40 260-170 344.600.05
№ 6РМ 200-300 7,50-10,0 0,20-0,40 180-100 344.600.06


Nozzles for operation on acetylene
mundshtuk-374a Marking




Cutting speed,
Order №
Oxygen Acetylene
№ 0А 3-8 2,5-3,5 0,30-0,50 700-630 344.500.00
№ 1А 8-15 3,00-4,00 0,30-0,50 520-460 344.500.01
№ 2А 15-30 4,00-4,20 0,30-0,50 460-370 344.500.02
№ 3А 30-50 4,20-5,00 0,30-0,50 370-320 344.500.03
№ 4А 50-100 5,00-5,50 0,30-0,50 320-250 344.500.04
№ 5А 100-200 5,50-7,50 0,30-0,50 260-190 344.500.05
№ 6А 200-300 7,50-10,5 0,30-0,50 180-100 344.500.06


Cutting capacity, mm           3-300        
Used gas fuels propane-butane, methane, acetylene
Inlet pressure oxygen, kgf/сm2 2,5 – 10,5

Inlet pressure gas fuel,  А / P, М, kgf/сm2

-0,5 / 0,2-0,4

Maximum consumption oxygen, m3/h

Maximum consumption acetylene, m3/h

0,0,25 - 1,5

Maximum consumption propane-butane, m3/h 0,35 - 0,88
Maximum consumption methane, m3/h

0,77 – 1,94

Cutting torch weight, kg no more than 0,89 / 1.1
Cutting torch length, mm, no more than

540 / 882

Thread in the cutting torch head М22Х1,5
Head seating cone, ° 30+3
Attachment features oxygen, mm G1/4;    М16х1,5;  М12х1,25
Attachment features gas, mm G3/8 LH;  М16х1,5LH: М12х1,25LH
Head bending angle


Types of compatible nozzles

ANM/ANME 0,1,2,3,4,5,6
PNM/PNME 0,1,2,3,4,5,6

Delivery set

Cutting torch 374;

union nut for fixing the nozzle, nipple ф9 – 2pcs,

nut М16х1,5-1pc, 

nut М16х1,5LH-1pc

Warranty period

12 months 

Applicable regulations

ISO 5172

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