Bobuch oxy gasoline cutter RK300 "VOGNIK" 181 (oxy-gas - Завод автогенного оборудования ДОНМЕТ производит газосварочные горелки, газовые резаки, керосинорезы, редукторы и другое сварочное оборудование
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Products Cutting torches liquid-fuel cutting torches and fuel tanks Bobuch oxy gasoline cutter RK300 "VOGNIK" 181 (oxy-gasoline cutter)
RK "VOGNIK" 181cutting nozzle № 0D (diesel fuel)

Bobuch oxy gasoline cutter RK300 "VOGNIK" 181 (oxy-gasoline cutter)
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Bobuch oxy gasoline cutter RK300 "VOGNIK" 181 (oxy-gasoline cutter)

SKU 181.000.XX

Price per Unit (шт.): 1 372.80 грн.

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New generation oxy-kerosine cutter! With no assbestos wrapping and preheating flame. As simple as gas-cutting torch. Fast switch to operation regime. Increased cutting speed. Complete evaporation of used fuel. Easy to operate. Safe and reliable.
100% protection against flashbacks
max cutting thickness 300mm
Used fuel: gasoline, kerosine, diesel fuel

Bobukh kerosene blow torch RK "VOGNIK" 181.pdf(294,46KB) (294,46 KB)

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