"DONMET" 265 - Завод автогенного оборудования ДОНМЕТ производит газосварочные горелки, газовые резаки, керосинорезы, редукторы и другое сварочное оборудование
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GV "DONMET" 263Torch for press-fitting and pressing-out “DONMET” 265-04

"DONMET" 265
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"DONMET" 265

SKU 265.000.00

Price per Unit (шт.): 5 244.00 грн.

Multiflame torch with forced air supply;
heating ferrous and basic metals for surfacing and welding
-  elimination of weld metal depositions and tensions;
heating during assembly (disassembly) of straining-tie parts
- used gas fuel: methane, propane
- heating strip width up to 300 mm
- heat flow power up to 19 kW
pressure kgf/cм2:
- compressed air 4...6
- natural gas (methane) 0,025/0.1
consumption not more м3/hr
- compressed air - 21.5/16.7
- natural gas (methane) - 2.0/0.7
- flame temperature - 1870 0C
- length, mm - 789
- weight - 1.45 kg

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