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Мундштук газосмесительный ПРК к резакам «ДОНМЕТ» 374Gas mixing nozzle for flux-oxygen cutting

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SKU 349.002.00

Price per Unit (шт.): 552.00 грн.

The rack is to be installed at the machine cutting torches RM2, RM3 for the cutting torch relocation.

- RM2 "DONMET" 154А (6/6/6)
- RM2 "DONMET" 154А (9/9/9)
- RM2 "DONMET" 154P (6/6/6)
- RM2 "DONMET" 154P (9/9/9)
- RM2 "DONMET" 154М (6/6/6)
- RM2 "DONMET" 154М (9/9/9) 

- RМ3 "DONMET" 152А (9/9)
- RМ3 "DONMET" 152P (9/9)
- RМ3 "DONMET" 152М (9/9)

m = 1, z = 36
Weight, kg - 0,054

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