Ar/CO2 flow regulator - Завод автогенного оборудования ДОНМЕТ производит газосварочные горелки, газовые резаки, керосинорезы, редукторы и другое сварочное оборудование
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Saturation pressure regulator URP-4-4DMAr/CO2 flow regulator AR-40/U-30-2DM

Ar/CO2 flow regulator
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Ar/CO2 flow regulator

SKU 032.000.00

Price per Unit (шт.): 1 766.40 грн.

Designed to reduce and regulate gas (argon / carbon dioxide) pressure from the tank and automatic maintain a constant predetermined operating pressure.
Maximum inlet pressure, MPa (kqf/cm2): 20 (200)
Flow capacity at maximum operating pressure, l/min: 0 - 25
Weight, kg: 0,9

Main features:

high accuracy of specified flow;
visibility readings;
ease of use;
increased resistance to freezing.

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