Heating torches

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Torch “DONMET” 203

SKU 203.000.06

Designed for: oxy-gas heating and flame scarfing. The torch has a detachable scraper.

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Torch “DONMET” 205

SKU 205.000.00

Designed for: burning of tap-holes in the thermal power plant ash pits as well for heating and preheating of various manufacturing parts.

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Linear multijet torch “DONMET” 271-32

SKU 271.000.32

Designed for: hand oxy-propane heating of parts before further treatment (welding, surfacing, brazing, etc.).

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Torch for heating flat surfaces “DONMET” 276

SKU 276.000.04

Designed for: hand heating of flat surfaces of non-ferrous metals, grey iron, carbon and alloy steel before further treatment.

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