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gas test bench type SGI 984DM
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gas test bench type SGI 984DM

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gas test bench type SGI 984DM

Designed to test flame equipment for correspondence to safety regulations demands: GOST, GOST 1077-79, GOST 5191-79, GOST 9356-75, GOST 13861-89, GOST 29091-91 and DNAOP 1.1.10-1.04-01 "tool and device safety operation regulations" and to demands of techbical conditions, developed according to these regulationss..


This stand allows to calibrate industrial pressure gauges.

Availability of the stand allows the owner to use own forces to perform the required tests, providing safety work according to required standards without  applying to other companies.
List of equipment available for testing:
- Cutting torches type: R1, R3;
- Machine cutters;
- Liquid fuel cutting torches type RK (oxy-kerosine cutters);
-Gas welding torches type G2, G3, GЗU;
- Gas flame regulators;
- Liquid fuel tanks;
- Acetylene gas generators;
- Rubberized fabric hoses.

- checking table;
- Gas station;
- Spare parts set;
- Operations dokumentation kit, containing detailed instructions on performing tests.

Weight - 127 kg