Gas-mixing nozzles for cutting torches R3 “PROMIN” 344/347Gas mixing nozzle for RM 345

Cutting torch RM "Donmet" 345
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Cutting torch RM "Donmet" 345

SKU 345.000.XX

Price per Unit (шт.): 2 505.00 грн.

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designed for machine cutting, using gas mixing nozzles.
Cutting thickness 3-300 mm
3 attachable nozzles
recommended additional kitting:
- gas mixing nozzles
- flashback arresters
- gas valves

advantages in comparison to counterparts:
cost-saving:  gas fuel and oxygen consumption less for 5-15%
cutting speed increased by 30%
penetration speed increased by 20%
metall loss decreased by 20% , because of cutting thickness decrease

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