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Gas flow regulator AR-40/U-30-4DMNetwork oxygen regulator

Universal flow regulator RAr/CO-200-4DM
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Universal flow regulator RAr/CO-200-4DM

SKU 039.000.10

Price per Unit (шт.): 948.00 грн.

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Purposed for reducing and regulating gas pressure of argon/carbon dioxide coming from the cylinder and automatic keeping up of set consumption.

Inlet gas pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2):

  • maximum 20 (200)
  • minimum at the highest consumption – 0,8 (8)

Maximum capacity at the maximum working pressure, m3/h (l/min): 0-25

  • according to the red scale Ar indicator – 1,8 (30)
  • according to the black scale CO2 indicator – 1,65 (28)

Hose inner diameter, mm – 9 


  • increased durability and reliability;
  • increased precision of keeping the set pressure (consumption);
  • slight pressure build-up after gas withdrawal termination.

 SAVES UP TO 10-15% OF GAS!!!


  • high precision and efficiency of gas supply;
  • reliability;
  • cost efficiency;
  • increased resistance to freezing.



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