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Flasback arresters

Designed for oxygen and gas hoses protection from flashbacks. Attached to cutters, burners or a hose.
.Usage and schematics are described in the article "DONMET" flashback arresters application

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flashback arrester "DONMET"

117.60 грн.
SKU 600.000.XX
Designed for preventing flashbacks. Installed on welding or cutting torches 
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flashback arrester "DONMET"

268.80 грн.
SKU 950.000.XX
designed for oxygen and gas hoses protection from shattering and inflammation during flashbacks. 
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Flashback arrester "DONMET"

1 180.20 грн.
SKU 955.000.XX
Designed for welding stations protection from flashbacks. Attached to welding stations which supply increased power cutting torches "DONMET" 
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