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Products Cutting torches cutting torches type R3 (series-produced) Cutting torch for manual oxy-cutting "DONMET" 131 (100Р)
Preheating nozzles for cutting torches R1 “DONMET” 142A/142P/149P/142M/142Cutting torch for manual oxy-cutting "DONMET" 131 (100A)

Cutting torch for manual oxy-cutting "DONMET" 131 (100Р)
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Cutting torch for manual oxy-cutting "DONMET" 131 (100Р)

SKU 131.000.04

Price per Unit (шт.): 1 443.00 грн.

Professional gas cutting torch for intensive oxygen cutting.

The injection-type cutting torch "DONMET" 131 is designed for hand oxy-gas parting cutting of sheet and rolled metal of low-carbon steel up to 100mm thick. 

Used gas fuel:   propane (P)

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Cutting torch weight – no more than 0,72 kg

Cutting torch length – no more than 509-525 mm

Hose inner diameter - 6 mm and 8 mm/9mm and 9 mm


► new groove nozzle centred automatically;

► cutting steel at low oxygen pressure;

► low oxygen consumption compared to other cutting torches;

► reduced heat-affected zone;

► quick cutting-in;

► heat passage through the entire metal thickness due to confined flame;

► 100% resistance to flashbacks


DELIVERY SET                                                                                                         Order №

«DONMET 131» 100P,  9/9* L=509 

with cutting nozzle S3Р and preheating nozzle H1                                                 131.000.04

Ring / SDU R 2,8 х 1,8 RO 003-006-19 NBR                                                         341.808.01

Sealing ring  010 - 014 - 25                                                                                         344.009.00

Sealing ring  008 - 014 - 25                                                                                         142.006.00

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