Dear colleagues and fellow Ukrainians!

Dear colleagues and fellow Ukrainians!

On February 24, at 4:59 am, three Russian missiles exploded near our enterprise.

From that day on, we were forced to stop our production because the Great War in Ukraine had begun! In the first three weeks of the war, our lives almost stopped. In addition, we received no orders from customers. But over time, we gained firm confidence in the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and at the same time the first orders for our products started coming in. Understanding that our products are needed for the Victory, for the reconstruction of our cities, for agriculture and the defense industry prompted us to evacuate the main equipment to the right bank of the Dnieper. We aim to resume production of the main types of Donmet products at the new site. We are fulfilling all our outstanding obligations from before 24.02.2022 and we will complete your new orders from the remnants of evacuated finished products.

Please note: our company’s e-mail has changed! and are not yet operational!

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