Donmet regulators have improved reducing valve

Donmet regulators have improved reducing valve

Since the beginning of the 2014 carbon dioxide and argon regulators: АR-40/U-30-2DМ, АR-40/U-30-4DМ, АR-40-4DМ and UR-6-4DМ are produced with improved reducing unit..

SKU: 039.000.00

SKU: 038.000.01

SKU: 037.000.01

АР-40/У30-2DМ (з ротаметром)
SKU: 032.000.00

Regulators with new improved reducing unit have the following characteristics:

• increased resistance and reliability (probability of failure is less than 0,01%)
• increased accuracy of keeping set pressure or consumption (welding without defects)
• low pressure increase while stopping gas feeding (saving 10-20% of protective gas), while welding with discontinuous seam
• durability (always ready to work)

Reducing unit of large-size carbon dioxide and argon regulators has been produced since 2014.