Flashback arresters Donmet (video)

This video shows you how to protect yourself when oxy-gas cutting, welding, brazing and other flame machining.
The purpose of this video – to prevent accidents associated with rupture of rubberized fabric hoses, pressure regulators, and the explosions of cylinders.
Accidents can happen anywhere, and your workplace is no exception.
Flame machining is one of the most common methods of treatment of steels. However, a mixture of oxygen and fuel gas is very explosive.
In breaking of the working instruction through lack of attention or even stupidity, accidents may occur that leading to serious consequences.
The danger of any mixture of oxygen and fuel gas is often underestimated.
For various reasons the flame may penetrate through the cutting torch into the hoses and further into the cylinder through a pressure regulator. This phenomenon is called a back flash.
Back flash can lead to disastrous consequences!
If back flash occurs, flashback arrester DONMET will save your life and lives of the people next to you and also it will protect your equipment.
When the flame penetrates into the hose, it must be extinguished immediately.
Each flashback arrester includes 2 degrees of protection: flame arrester and check valve.
The possible backflow of fuel gas or oxygen stops with spring of the check valve.
Metal-ceramic insert serves an obstacle to the penetration of the flame. The insert has microporous structure with pore size of less than 40 micron which does not allow the flame to spread beyond its borders.
Flash back arresters are reliable protection from the back flashes. It’s certified in Ukraine and Russia. 100% of flash back arresters DONMET are tested for leaks and flash back resistance.
Many flame cutting torch operators and welders rated the quality of flash back arresters DONMET.
This small investment would save huge amounts of money and health in the future.