Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20

Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20

SKU: 942.900.01

It is used as a locking device for the cylinders of the average volume of 20-40 l with the working pressure up to 19,6 MPa (200 kgs/cm2) while filling, storage and supplying of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, argon, helium, xenon and other inert gases.

-increasing of the valve thread diameter and using of special lubricant allows to increase the resource up to 30%!
-hydraulic tests of the valve under pressure of 30 MPa;
-stamped brass case;
-100% quality control;
-spare parts supplying;
-it is simple to be served

Working pressure is up to 20 MPa (≈200 kgs/cm2)
Inlet thread W27,8 GOST 9909-81
Outlet thread G ¾ -B GOST 6357
Outlet thread G ¾ -B GOST 6357

Spare parts:

Valve Spindle
  • The thread of the valve and the spindle are greased with chemically resistant in oxygen environment lubricant with pressure to 25МPа (250 kgs/cm2)
  • guaranteed 10 000 cycles of open-close.

Spare parts to the Valve for oxygen cylinders VK-20

1) valve942.300.02
2) spindle942.901.00
3) thrust ring942.902.00
4) valve case942.903.00
5) nut942.904.00
6) handwheel laying942.905.00
7) handwheel942.906.00
8) laying942.909.00
9) ring 009-012-19 GOST 9833-73344.008.00
10) screw М4х12 GOST 1491-70
11) washer 4.01.05 GOST 6958-68
12) washer 4 65Г GOST 6402
13) stub G3/4942.907.00
14) conic stub942.908.00
15) cap942.913.00